Zuzu The Elf





Zuzu The Elf is played by using the spacebar.

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Zuzu The Elf

While getting through a colored jungle, Zuzu casually jumped on the back of a huge monster, and the terrible result was that he was hunted by this critter. Now, if there is no help, he will be caught and swallowed very quickly. Hurry up to enjoy Zuzu The Elf and aid him to safely escape from the above danger, all guys! Zuzu must run ahead, and it’s important that the players need to let him fly over anthropophagus flowers, spikes, chunks, and other hazardous things. If not, his heath will rapidly decrease, and he will be killed. Bear in mind that his journey must be smooth until he reaches the magic exit door. Furthermore, when running along the track, he should be controlled to snatch crystals and other bonuses for more points. Get ready? Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2015-01-05

Category: Physics Games

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