Zombie Dozen





Activate the mouse to move and shoot the hostiles.

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Zombie Dozen

WARNING…tons of bloodthirsty creatures are approach your place. Be nimble-footed to visit Zombie Dozen and partake in various fierce battles now! No time for hesitating, guys!

Once stepping to this action shooting survival game, the players will role-play a brave soldier. What's his primary duty at this moment? That's – protecting the territory from the zombies' attacks. Not only one, you have to deal with a large number of the walking dead. Quickly grab a gun and start shooting continuously toward them (aim at their head, significantly). Never let the enemies break the safety wall; otherwise, your life will be shaken. Knock out the big bosses to gain much money for purchasing equipment and repairing wall. Fight hard to survive in this place as long as possible!

Will you drive back the invasion from the other side? Join in Zombie Dozen and gain a glory victory!

Date Added: 2016-01-25

Category: Physics Games

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