Wonderful Mermaid Tail Tattoo





The left mouse is for tattoo drawing and dressup.

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Wonderful Mermaid Tail Tattoo

You know what? Mermaids do love tattoo like us. Believe or not, take your time setting foot to Wonderful Mermaid Tail Tattoo and help an underwater blondie create a lovely tattoo for her tail.

Deep under the Atlantica Kingdom, King Triton's the 18th Princess, Ariel, is dreaming about having a beautiful tattoo on her fish tail. She decides to ask Ursula for help. In the beginning, she has to select a specific kind of fish among four amazing kinds. Then, the sea witch will avail her advanced technique to apply the chosen fishy image on Ariel's sparkling tail. Help her to color the tattoo…can the mermaid have her very own masterpiece? After finished drawing the tattoo, the next objective is to the top and color of the mermaid's tail. Don't forget to choose a hairstyle that will make her look even more mesmerizing.

Do you enable to create a Wonderful Mermaid Tail Tattoo for Ariel? Post your result on the profile, ok?

Date Added: 2016-07-28

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