Wipeout With Ed Edd N Eddy





Ed: use WASD to move and W to hit.
Edd: tap IJKL to direct and U to kick.
Eddy: hit arrow keys to walk around and 0 to hit.

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Wipeout With Ed Edd N Eddy

Want to play something funny and thrilling, all game lovers? Wipeout With Ed Edd N Eddy will become your perfect choice at this time. Be fully prepared to do? Time to start now! This cool game will become more interesting if having enough 3 people. Call your friends to play together now! Each will control a special character as Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Their tasks are to stay on their own surfboard as long as possible, jump over obstacles, and gather blue balloons to increase the score. In addition, the players also have a chance to attack opponents to gain more scores. If they hit anyone out of the surfboard, 20 scores will be deducted for that person. Sounds interesting, right? Try to gain the highest scores or knock out all the opponents to become the best winner! No time for waiting! Come on and take action now!

Date Added: 2014-10-26

Category: PBS Games

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