Where Is My Beard





The mouse is to enjoy the game.

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Where Is My Beard

Guys have beards. Now, they are trying to shave these beards to make them more handsome than ever. If you are good at shaving beard, why don’t you help them? After a hard-working week, the guys are so bad. Their appearances seem to be worse than before. Now, it is time to assist them. There will be nothing more infectious than a nice smile and cool face if you help them, guys. Hurry up to play a very funny game – Where Is My Beard to start your work. At first, players need to place these guys on screen above squares and rotate them if necessary. Then, press the button to begin shaving. Finally, the bearded guys pass their facial hair to become the clean-shaven guys. Hope you complete all the 20 levels and have fun, game lovers!

Date Added: 2014-05-20

Category: Physics Games

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