Whack The Terrorist





Torture the terrorist by using the mouse.

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Whack The Terrorist

You are in the center of Berlin and coincidently encounter a masked terrorist. So, what should you do now? In order to Whack The Terrorist, here are 12 bloody ways that you need to try out.

With this whacking game, you'll find that you don't have to be a police man to fight off terrorism. Taking out a terrorist who can't seem to detonate his explosive device is the players' urgent task. Look around and you'll discover several items that assist you in killing the masked man, such as a glass bottle, a bottle-opener, tool box, etc. Can you harm the creepy badass with enough 12 funny ways? Though the animation isn't quiet as polished as other whacking games, some of the deaths are still interesting to enjoy.

Find the different interactive spots around the center of Berlin to trigger actions to the terrorist. Much fun with Whack The Terrorist!

Date Added: 2016-07-04

Category: PBS Games

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