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The left mouse is to use items and tool.

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Umbrella Design

The rain season is coming. As an umbrella maker, it's the right time to give a brand-new Umbrella Design for a display in your luxury shop? This product must be not only qualitative but also fashionable.

Such a great decorating game; here, don't be afraid to show your creativeness in order to make a very trendy umbrella. Entering the main screen, you are asked to pick cloths for the object you want to create. The players can find 8 available beautiful cloth colors – selecting amazing cloths matching up with six pieces of the umbrella. Then, spread out the cloths you chose and start measuring, drawing, and cutting to form the covering part. Make use of the needle and thread to connect everything together, finally, give the umbrella a decoration for a well-completed final product.

If you are confident with your skills, go to Umbrella Design and craft a beautiful umbrella representing your personal style. Enjoy!

Date Added: 2016-07-27

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