Truck Loader 3





Control the vehicle: AD or left/right arrows.
Turn on the magnet: The left mouse.

Game Details

Truck Loader 3

If you have free time, partake in Truck Loader 3 with us immediately. In fact, we’re looking for a helping hand. Today, lots of goods are waiting for delivering, but there’s no driver at this moment. Can you serve this job? In the 3rd installment of this physic-based game, the players have to accomplish a pack of full 30 cool levels to achieve the win. Okay, come on! Right after landing on the playing field, the player’s target is to transport all the boxes in the storage to the back of a giant truck. Remember to place the objects in the right spot! Next, drive a small vehicle to finish the game’s task. Make use of the magnetic arm to perform everything in the shortest time. Players must hit the ‘Green’ button on the wall to activate gates and elevators. Lastly, figure out a suitable way to bring the cargos to the main truck. Be careful while moving the explosive boxes! Much fun!

Date Added: 2015-10-23

Category: Physics Games

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