Toy War Robot Spinosaurus





The mouse is to interact with this game.

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Toy War Robot Spinosaurus

Have you heard about Spinosaurus? This largest carnivorous dinosaur lived 112 to 97 million years ago. And in Toy War Robot Spinosaurus, players can create your own Spinosaurus.

You are in the progress building a strong dino robot army yet there's still more things to do. In this puzzle game, your major objective is to add a super new robot masterpiece to your 'toy war' collection. A standard Spinosaurus is 12.6 – 18m in length and 7 – 20.9 tons in weight; also, it can grow to at least 1.65m long. How to create this dinosaur on your own? You are offered all vital parts of Spinosaurus so be flexible to assemble all pieces together and check out its abilities. Test general performance, tune up the weapons, and show off the dino's power.

Join in Toy War Robot Spinosaurus and have great experience yourself. Help the dinosaur here fight off the enemies.

Date Added: 2016-07-04

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