Tortuga Siege





Place objects by availing the mouse.

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Tortuga Siege

Hey, guys! What would you do if you suddenly discover a mysterious chest full of priceless treasures? Move to Tortuga Siege can help you answer this matter concretely. In here, you’ll take a role as an army’s commander. Your major mission is – protecting your crew from the enemies’ attack. What happened? Well, you & the members have found the lost valuables. However, the evil pirates soon discovered the secrets and decided to steal the precious chest. What to do now? Alright, quickly arrange and place objects in the right spots, and then, guide the unit to hide themselves from the rivals cleverly. Don’t make any sound; otherwise, the pirates will find out. No matter what, never let your team being stabbed by the flying sharp swords! In case players make a mistake, don’t hesitate to replay the current level again. Succeed in one try to achieve 3 gold stars and the highest score, guys. Good luck!

Date Added: 2015-10-23

Category: Physics Games

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