The Thankful Old Troll





Interact with the mouse while playing.

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The Thankful Old Troll

Here is your one-and-only chance to see the grumpy old troll do his funny dance. Accompany Dora and Boots to meet The Thankful Old Troll and complete all of his requests.

What do you need to do once starting the game? Well, it's not easy to make the Troll happy and, especially, say 'thank you' as he's never done any of these before. If you want to see his 'thank you' dance as well as hear him giggle, you must find a few things for him – the firework, the flying horse, and the purple baby petunia flower. Help Dora and Boots get to the Play Park as this place has all of the items that will make the grumpy old troll happy. Yet, firstly, you have to look for the right way to Big Red Mountain and Fishy Lake before reaching the final destination.

Can the grumpy old troll become The Thankful Old Troll? Use your skills to help Dora the little girl win the tasks.

Date Added: 2016-07-25

Category: PBS Kid Games

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