The Forest Temple 3




Use A, W, S, D to move around for watergirl.
Use arrow keys to move around for fireboy.

Game Details

The Forest Temple 3

Discovering forest is always an interesting and risky adventure. So why don’t you try playing “Forest Temple 3” – a kind of adventure game? This game requires flexibility of two hands because players have to control 2 characters at the same time: a watergirl and a fireboy. To obstacles in this game, the players need to pay attention to the color of water. The watergirl can’t go through the red water, and the fireboy can’t go through the green water. Moreover, both of them can’t go through the blue water. Remember the color of water clearly! And in some situations, both of them have to help each other to overcome these obstacles. Be sure to make them do together, not alone. If one of two dies, the players will lose the game right now. Help them to overcome the dangerous forest. Now, don’t wait any more. Let’s discover the risky forest now!

Date Added: 2013-09-16

Category: Adventure

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