Sword And Fire





Press Spacebar to select paths.
Use the mouse to do the rest things.

Game Details

Sword And Fire

Oh, no! The Fairy Kingdom is under the bloodthirsty creatures' attack! Quickly access to Sword and Fire to support the King, the Queen, and the people there now! No time for hesitating, guy!

As soon as landing on the playing field, the players should draw out a logical plan to protect this beautiful place. What's your tactics? Listen! Hurry to pick some powerful men from the village, and them, form them all into your finest troops. Before setting for the attack, remember to ask the units to follow every step of your strategic to avoid making any mistake. Don't need to worry! All the warriors will assault the enemies automatically once catching their shadow. Try hard to take over the land, ok? Besides, it's important to unlock all the advanced upgrades & skills as your troops' energy & abilities will be enhanced greatly.

Take part in Sword and Fire to control your own strongest army! Wish you have fun with this strategy TD game!

Date Added: 2015-09-15

Category: Puzzle Games

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