Super Idle Imagination





The left mouse is used to play the game.

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Super Idle Imagination

In Super Idle Imagination, each player will find that it tells about a kid in a process of making new games. He works very hard until he starts realizing that he has become a young man. Despite bringing back some considerable achievements, he knows that he must work harder and harder to tackle with the severe game market in which there are strong and creative competitors. Enjoy this cool game to support him right away, all players!

It's known that the world needs more kinds of Idle games, so it's recommended that the man must devote time to the process of creating them. Of course, you must follow his instructions to help him. First, hit possible options at the bottom to increase the number of games. Perhaps, upgrades are necessary for his work. Buy them, remember.

Take time to enjoy Super Idle Imagination and set out to work right away, players!

Date Added: 2015-05-06

Category: PBS Games

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