Walk around with the arrows.
Aim and shoot with mouse.

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Know what? You're a part of S.T.A.N.D project, all players. You're on the way to carry out the most important mission ever. Want to find out what it is? Hit Play and start the journey!
Now you are wandering in a dark, mysterious building and know nothing about what is happening. Suddenly you get a call from a strange person who calls himself your 'friend'. You need to find out the truth about your identity, but at this moment, listening to his instruction is more important. Quickly look for a gun (this place is very dangerous) while searching for hints to complete the requested task. Attack the enemies once they appear – you have the ability to slow down time as you shoot while standing still. Try to finish all the levels with a high score.
Will you be able to knock out the enemies? Take park in S.T.A.N.D and conquer the challenge here!

Date Added: 2016-05-08

Category: Physics Games

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