Speed Rally Pro 2

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Click on arrow keys to direct the car.

Game Details

Speed Rally Pro 2

Speed Rally Pro 2 will bring amazing moments for those who love driving car. Want to experience at the moment, all game addicts? No time for waiting now! Travel with us right away! At first, players need to choose one out of the 3 game modes, consisting of Test Drive, Race, and Elimination. Which one do you want to enjoy and challenge yourself? Take one and start running! If you want to check your driving skill, click on Test Drive. In case that you want to enhance your skill more, try to choose the 2 remaining ones. To complete each task, the players have to express their cleverness and quickness to direct the car to run on a prescribed track. Observe a small map (at the top) in order to run effectively. Learn how to control the car’s speed to avoid going out of the track and try to overcome other opponents! Take action and relish yourself now!

Date Added: 2014-11-16

Category: PBS Games

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