Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story





Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story is enjoyed by using the left mouse only.

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Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

The seventh sequel to Snail Bob turns back, and it’s expected that such new game will have the abundance of interesting features to absorb all players! It will be called Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story, and its content revolves around the heroic story of a snail named Snail Bob. He dreams to experience an adventurous and challenging journey in which he will be a courageous hero to cope with a huge dragon with many heads. Finally, the journey starts. Go with him now! There are many levels like different challenges during the cool game. The chief aim of each one is to solve all puzzles by activating buttons and tools to open the way for him to the exit and the other challenges. Keep in mind that deadly traps and obstacles always prevent his way, and even kill him. Be clever, cautious, and alert to go through all of them. Come on!

Date Added: 2014-10-13

Category: PBS Games

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