Use only the arrows or WASD to direct the ball.

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How're you doing today, buddies? Have free time for us? Alright, participate in Skytrip right now! What's special about this arcade game? Tap the Start button and experience everything here on your own!

Look! Each player will be offered a colorful ball, and the crucial job for you all is – controlling it. Be clever, careful, and patient! When the game starts, the ball will also begin rolling on the platform. Lead the object smoothly to gain as many scores as possible and attain the greatest distance. Along the way, players will find lots of holes and gaps. What to do at that moment? Avoid making the ball fall into those obstacles – the only way is to jump over. Collect more sparkle stars to add bonuses to the total score! Importantly, the speed will surely increase gradually, so do best to survive for the longest time.

Oh, earn more arrows can help you jump higher. Go to Skytrip and challenge your ability now!

Date Added: 2015-09-24

Category: Physics Games

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