Shining Force





Move with WASD.
Interact with the characters via X and Z.

Game Details

Shining Force

For centuries, the universe was engulfed deeply in peace; however, at this moment, the people have to face with new hordes of invaders. Join in Shining Force to protect this Green Land!

The enemy army is approaching near the border! Can any soldier in The Continent of Rune deal with this sudden war? Now, the players are the last hope of the Earth! Your major objective is to look for a knight that has the capacity to destroy the Dark Dragon's evil power endlessly. Guess what? It turns out the King's youngest son is that person! Quickly instruct him to control a magic sword and hire a powerful army. Then, head towards the main arena and battle against the Dark Force's forceful units. Significantly, you need to direct 10 characters at the same time! Remember to upgrade their skills and attributes by requiring them to join in combats and make explorations!

Can you conquer 8 challenging stages in the Shining Force? Lead the army to the glorious victory!

Date Added: 2015-09-22

Category: Physics Games

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