Shelly's Barbie Haircut





Cut Shelly’s hair with the mouse only.

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Shelly's Barbie Haircut

Hey, ladies! It is time for you to learn more about how to take care of your hair beautifully. It is sure that you have already known about Shelly. She is the sweetest little girl ever so far and has a soft spot for her mother’s hairstyles. At present, she wants to have a new haircut inspired by her mother’s style. In the game, the ladies will go with Shelly to the hairstylist to help her create the most amazing haircut as she expected. Don’t make her upset, ladies. Firstly, players will choose necessary items for the work. After that, wash her hair. Then, guide her to the machine and start creating the cutest hairstyle. After completing it, hurry up to take the chance to select a beautiful costume for her to put on at the costume party she is going to participate. Have a spectacular time when enjoy Shelly's Barbie Haircut, ladies!

Date Added: 2014-09-16

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