Shape Shifter 2





Move with arrow keys.
The 123 keys or the left mouse are used to switch.

Game Details

Shape Shifter 2

Get hurried to accept the role as a control of an elephant in Shape Shifter 2 so as to carry out interesting missions, players! This second version of Shape Shifter will be full of exciting features. Here we go!

In the puzzle-typed physics game, challenging levels related to helping the elephant are waiting for your discovery. Let's experience each of them one by one. The ultimate purpose of each one is to guide him through platforms to search out the exit. It's special that he can turn into a rabbit or a mouse, so if he gets stuck in small holes, let's switch between these shapes to complete the level excellently. Something you should know is that the mouse is able to fit through small holes, the rabbit will jump higher, and the elephant is able to destroy objects.

It will be a right decision to plunge into Shape Shifter 2, all guys! It's very amazing.

Date Added: 2015-05-21

Category: PBS Games

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