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The mouse is to interact with everything in game.

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Ringside Hero

You were a legendary boxer, but now you're too old to participate in all the boxing tournaments. Jump into Ringside Hero to look for a new face who will inherit your spectacular abilities.
The players, in this game, will role-play a boxing manager. And as a professional trainer, your major jobs are training the boxer and sending him up on the ring. Who is the most promising boxer that you need to instruct at this moment? Joey O'Conner is an amateur – therefore, you should help him to become the most professional fighter. Each day, set a specific plan for Joey improving his strength, stamina, and technique before sending him to the right to take part in boxing tournaments. Your student has to defeat the rivals to gain money and bonuses. Buy advanced equipment to improve your training business!
Go to Ringside Hero and become the best boxing manager in the industry. Have fun!

Date Added: 2016-05-05

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