Rina Ent Ache Problems





Heal Rina’s health issues by using the mouse.

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Rina Ent Ache Problems

Rina's not feeling well today and looking for your assistance. Quickly bring her to Dr. Susan's consulting room in Rina Ent Ache Problems for a professional treatment. Can you take a good care for this unhealthy girl?

Actually, little Rina caught a flu; and now, she has terribly health issues with her ears, nose, and throat. Dr. Susan diagnoses that she may get the Ear-Nose-Throat acnes. It's time to treat her condition, players. There are three main rooms, as you can see; and in each room, you should help Rina fix her problems instantly. Make use of safe tools and medicine to treat the infected parts as well as clean every hurtful part carefully. This little will get healthy again after receiving your brilliant treatments. Finally, reward Rina pretty accessories or candy if she's obedient.

Do you enable to deal with Rina Ent Ache Problems? You won't get the reward until you finally make her smile again, ok.

Date Added: 2016-07-05

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