Raze 3





Raze 3 is enjoyed by using the left mouse.

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Raze 3

Get already excited with Raze 1 and Raze 2? In these previous editions of Raze, you have probably acquired lots of joyfulness from success in various challenges, right? It’s time for Raze 3, the latest update. Are you ready to taste and explore its gameplay? Start it up now! Just like its brothers, Raze 3 is about continuing rescuing the mankind from aliens, zombies, and robots. Players are asked to do and finish the task of controlling a human soldier so that he goes around the game facility to find and defeat all of the move enemies. Importantly, avoid their assaults, or his health will drop down instantly. Several strong weapons are scattered along the way, so let’s pick them up to cope with the rival more efficiently. Furthermore, enter the shop to purchase more useful upgrades for the fight. Come on for the mankind’s survival!

Date Added: 2014-08-28

Category: PBS Kids Go

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