Puzzle Legends





The arrow keys are to move the boy.

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Puzzle Legends

Guys, a little boy is getting stuck in a mysterious world where there are no people, but dangerous creatures. Hurry to be brave and save your boy now! Want to make a challenging journey and reach him, guys? Don’t wait anymore. The boy is in an urgent situation. Hurry up to enjoy the greatest old-school puzzle game – Puzzle Legends and start rescuing him. When coming to the world, players will see lots of stone blocks. Their main task is to guide the boy over wavy paths and find the exit. Along the way, they have to push these blocks out of the way and flip the switch to reach the unblocked door in each level. Besides, don’t miss out on collecting gold coins and treasure chests to earn more money and boost the score. Enjoy guys!

Date Added: 2014-06-19

Category: Physics Games

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