Pou Kissing





Everything is played with the mouse.

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Pou Kissing

Pou and Sally are studying in the same class. Both fall in love and want to kiss in the class. However, they don’t want anyone to see their love. Could you help them, all game addicts? Time to land on Pou Kissing! Truly, it’s not hard to aid both. Players just hold the mouse so that Pou and Sally can kiss each other passionately. Their task is to fulfill enough energy for a bar (at the top) and then move on to other levels. However, the players should beware of the others in the class as friends, teachers, etc. Whenever seeing an exclamation mark, release the mouse immediately to avoid bad cases; otherwise, 1 life among the 3 lives will be deducted. Besides, try to complete the main task as soon as possible to obtain the highest score. Do your best to overtake all of the levels here! Wish you succeed!

Date Added: 2014-11-12

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