Planet Adventure





The spacebar, the arrow keys and the Tab key are used for playing Planet Adventure.

Game Details

Planet Adventure

Another physics-based puzzle game is coming to all people who would like to improve their brain. Ever wonder what its name is? It’s exactly Planet Adventure in which you are responsible for taking control of 4 different critters across 45 levels. That sounds amazing! Spend time exploring its gameplay now! It’s surprised that each of the critters will have peculiar abilities which help solve difficulties along the way. Moreover, each of the provided levels contains the only exit, and the players are requested to collect keys to enter this gate. Besides, gather all gems scattered everywhere for points. Sometimes, such critters can be switched together. Let’s take advantage of that in order to overcome extremely difficult situations. Get excited with Planet Adventure, and complete all of the levels for attaining the victory! Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-05-30

Category: Physics Games

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