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Move by ASDW keys.
View, shoot, and change weapons by the mouse.
CTRL key is to crouch.
T key is to chat.
R key is to reload.

Game Details


Welcome to the greatest 3D multiplayer shooter game – Pixelwarfare! It is definitely sure that you will love killing all your dangerous enemies in the 3D world, right? Come on and take your gun to start the battle now. In the game, players have to choose their favorite room. After that, they move around a city or any corner to eliminate opponents. Interestingly, the game offers hordes of advanced weapons and challenging maps, so the players are free to choose anything they love. Actually, they will gain a lot of fun and exciting shots while destroying the enemies. When moving around the city, please pay special attention to boxes, blocks, and corners. The rivals can attack you from there. Hope you beat all the opponents and get a win!

Date Added: 2014-12-11

Category: Puzzle Games

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