Pinata Hunter 3





The game is guided by using the left mouse.

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Pinata Hunter 3

Hunting for valuable items sounds quite exciting, right? Land on Pinata Hunter 3 to become a hunter and discover everything inside this cool game, all players! I bet that you are getting curious what you will hunt for when entering here!

Actually, Piñata is exactly what each player will chase here. Just activate the available weapon to damage this item and gain candies and presents. Meanwhile, money will increase right after each of the hits. It's better to accumulate the big fund and go to the shop to make deals on the more powerful weapons like swords, knives, blades, bats, hammers, and more. Piñata is widely known as a traditional festival which frequently attracts many participants in Latin America.

Ready? Everything is prepared for this festival. How about you? Move to Pinata Hunter 3 and start the game now!

Date Added: 2015-04-06

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