Use the arrow/ASDW keys to move.
Hit the left mouse to shoot.

Game Details


A black pig in the Pig game is getting lost in meandering labyrinth, and it seems that he will fail in finding ways to reach the surface if lacking your guidance. No time to wait! He is expecting your participation in the game. Let's go!

Guiding the black pig ahead along with helping him discover the exit is all what players need to carry out here. Obviously, he will have to confront lots of obstacles which preventing his way. It's crucial that players must be prompt to define right pathways to the exit in each room of the labyrinth. Keep in mind that the weapon is available to cope with dangerous monsters which may appear everywhere. Fortunately, the ammo is unlimited, so shoot at the targets constantly.

Pig is considered as a skill and adventure game for individuals wishing to encounter challenges whereby they can prove their abilities. Get ready? Come on!

Date Added: 2015-04-09

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