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Use the mouse only.

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Papas Wingeria

Would you like to manage a restaurant by yourself? So, come to our hot game Papas Wingeria now. As you know, chicken is a favorite dish of America, and you will be the owner of chicken fried restaurant. Playing this game is not difficult. Players just use the mouse to control everything. Firstly, they have to take order from each customer clearly and carefully. Then move to Fry Station to fry chicken. Make sure not to move the mouse out of the basket when frying the chicken because when they move the mouse out, the basket does not work. Next, move to Sauce Station to mix the chicken in the right sauce and move to Build Station to decorate the customer’s dish. At last, serve the dish to the customer and get remarks. If the remarks are good, they will receive more tips to increase budget. Therefore, the players should use the budget to upgrade the machine and buy new items to decorate the restaurant. And after every day, the game will unlock one new item in menu and one new customer. So, press Start button right now and enjoy your business work!!!

Date Added: 2013-09-16

Category: Strategy Games

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