Papas Freezeria




Use the mouse only.

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Papas Freezeria

Papas Freezeria will be your favorite game this summer. Players will be an owner of café shop at the beautiful beach, and have to serve customers on a luxurious cruise. This game is rather simple to play. First, the players need to take order from each customer carefully. Then move to Build Station part to make a drink. Next, move to Mix Station part to mix everything in a cup and move to Top Station part to decorate the cup according to the customer’s order. Finally, serve the drink to the customer and get his/her comments. If the comments are good, they will get more tips from the customers. After every round, one new item in menu and one new customer will be unlocked. Besides, getting more money and tips will help them to upgrade the machine in café shop. Moreover, they also need to decorate the café shop more attractive. To do that, be sure to purchase some items from Furniture Shop and Decorate Lobby after finishing every day. Do not wait any more, let’s do business now!! Have fun!!!

Date Added: 2013-09-16

Category: Strategy Games

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