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The mouse is to enjoy the game.

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Overhaul PBS Game

Welcome to the most wonderful strategy game – Overhaul! Guys, this game is so great. Come on and don’t miss the chance to enjoy this game. Many exciting things are waiting for you to explore. In the game, players have to protect their planet from turbulent attacks of hostile aliens. Never let them reach the planet and mining operations, or they will destroy all of these. Hurry up to defend structures and fight against waves of the fierce aliens. At first, they need to build a stable defense system around the planet by placing towers. After that, drop and match modules to kill enemies. Once 3 or 4 identical modules are combined horizontally or vertically, they will merge into the most active module to shoot the aliens. Try to destroy many of the enemies to gain more funds for upgrading the towers and modules as well as special skills in each stage. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2014-07-13

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