Orion Sandbox

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Carry out all the jobs with the mouse.

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Orion Sandbox

Heavily influenced by Terraria, a popular Minecraft clone in 2D, Orion Sandbox is a type of game in which you can unleash your imagination and shape the world in your creativity.

Here, you role-play a brave explorer who just discovered a whole new land. Are you willing to help him learn more about this place and maybe tame it a little in the challenging adventure game? Your goal is to survive as long as possible. While living in this land, there are several jobs you need to accomplish – gathering raw materials, picking up all the resources, constructing structures, etc. Building advanced tools can assist you in finishing the missions. Keep in mind that the zombies will sneak out when the darkness comes, so protect yourself by staying inside your shelter.

There are many things to explore in Orion Sandbox. Don't let the hostiles attack the character or you'll lose.

Date Added: 2016-07-04

Category: Physics Games

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