Press WASD or the arrows to move.

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What's fun in Norby, fellows? In order to conquer this cool puzzle game, you must use your mind and think carefully. Lots of challenges are awaiting you to cope with…here we come!

Once landing on the playing field, the players will take control of Norby, an old creature which is living in the magic forest Loridan. This land has existed for centuries and is still alive because of the energy of the sun; however, Dragomel – an evil magician – is planning to steal the sun power. He, at this moment, is destroying the wonderful forest which is home of Norby and his fellow dwellers. To prevent the misfortune here, you need to collect all the suns and stars, but make sure not to let yourself being caught by the witches. Take advantage of the stones available around you to surpass the enemies in every level. Don't cause any mistake!

Since Norby is a game involving logic and thinking, you need to prepare good strategic tactics while playing. Good luck!

Date Added: 2016-07-08

Category: Puzzle Games

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