Nitro Maniacs





Run: press left and right arrow keys.
Nitro bar: tap up arrow key.
Jump: hit spacebar.

Game Details

Nitro Maniacs

For some people loving thrilling feeling when racing, this game is a perfect choice – Nitro Maniacs. Travel with us and show off your true talent in driving! In the beginning, the players are given a normal car to start the race. What is the chief mission here? You must reach the finish in all of the stages in each world. Various places are waiting for your visiting, such as Rocky Slide, Jungle Road, and City Rush. While racing, players must collect all the items (Boost Energy and Coins) along the path to increase Nitro bar and budget. Once the bar is filled, be quick to use it to speed up the car. One important thing, the racers should master the way of driving as well as flipping the car. More points will be added if the car can jump in the air for several times. Remember to achieve 3 gold stars in every level. Continue playing to unlock more new and fascinating features, guys! Enjoy it now!

Date Added: 2015-01-18

Category: Physics Games

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