Ninja Cannon Retaliation





Experience Ninja Cannon Retaliation by using the left mouse.

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Ninja Cannon Retaliation

For brave and cool boys who desire to experience feelings of a Ninja, Ninja Cannon Retaliation should be kept an eye. Wow! What are you waiting for? Take sometime to get excited with this cool game as well as explore its content now! It’s revealed that shooting is the only method to play Ninja Cannon Retaliation, so it’s exactly the best chance for the players to show their excellent shooting capability. There are plenty of good levels, as the major target of each one is to eliminate demons by launching Ninjas from the provided cannon. Bear in mind that some of the Ninjas possess special abilities to pass throughout hard objects or throw strong weapons. Take advantage them to kill the enemies more quickly and easily. Enjoy the game and try to attain the best scores. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-05-18

Category: Physics Games

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