Nekra Psaria 2





Nekra Psaria 2 is guided by using the left mouse.

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Nekra Psaria 2

Get absorbed with the initial edition of Nekra Psaria – a point and click game designed as a dark and strange world? Are you ready to seize its installment which is released with the aim of adding many more interesting details to the first launch? Take time to immerse into Nekra Psaria 2 now! Nekra Psaria 2 is also considered as a massive puzzle game because players have to solve a hard puzzle here; it’s about escaping from the dark and strange world where everything looks horrible. There are various objects like clues scattered on the ground, on a tree, inside a small house, or even behind terrible scenes. Try to explore everywhere and collect such items until the exit gate to get out of the world is opened out. Pay attention to some information from characters of the game so as to have the right solution. Good luck to you!

Date Added: 2015-01-22

Category: Physics Games

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