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Interact with everything here by activating the mouse.

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Monster Frontier

Listen, all warriors! Let's head towards Monster Frontier – a fantastic training-fighting action game – immediately! Full of cool features are waiting for your exploration, so come on!

1000 years ago, after gaining a glorious victory from the Great War, the humans have successfully controlled a crowded army of monsters. Now, all the Earthy trainers – with the help of the Beast – are eager to conquer another planet. Don't hesitate to join in the upcoming battles with them! Okay, freely select one character for yourself between Claude and Claudia. Then, enter the main base to help your unit strengthen their basic fighting skills and capacities. Once getting ready, ask the monsters to set foot in the battling arena and beat the opponents. Do best to win in each round and obtain rewarded money. Use it to purchase equipment and other materials for upgrading the unit's endurance, agility, and dexterity.

Can you be a brilliant monster-trainer? Travel to Monster Frontier and challenge now!

Date Added: 2015-09-14

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