Monkey Go Happy Eggs





The left mouse is used to play Monkey Go Happy Eggs.

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Monkey Go Happy Eggs

Monkey Go Happy Eggs is known as one of the editions lying in the game series: Monkey Go Happy. It's very funny because of the appearance of adorable and playful monkeys. More than that, via puzzles here, players have an opportunity to show their intelligence. Take time to enjoy it now!

As various previous times, the new update concentrates on the aim of making the main monkey smile by giving out the right solution to each of the puzzles. Most of the puzzles are about breaking red eggs and freeing chicks. Just find out the eggs and tap on them for the devastation. Move the cursor over various objects on the screen so as to collect clues and follow them until the puzzles are solved entirely.

Spend time on Monkey Go Happy Eggs and illustrate your smartness in solving different kinds of problems. Have much fun!

Date Added: 2015-04-16

Category: PBS Games

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