Mighty Knight





The arrow keys are to move.
J key is to attack.

Game Details

Mighty Knight

In a beautiful kingdom, the king and his residents were living peacefully and happily; suddenly, many evil forces appeared and destroyed this lovely kingdom. Now, the King is recruiting someone who can be strong enough to expel enemies from his territory. Want to become a mighty knight and help your king, guys? It is time for you to save the kingdom. Let’s play Mighty Knight to start the war. Hurry up to grab the sword and shield to get into the battlefield and fight against the dark forces. During the battle, try to kill as many enemies as possible to gain more points and rewards as traveling through the plains, caves, and forests leading to the castle. Never let foes reach this castle, or the kingdom will be sunk into blood. After a wave, use the rewards to purchase new weapons and upgrade runes. Good luck, guys!

Date Added: 2014-06-16

Category: Physics Games

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