Mercurial Story





Move by the arrow keys.
Jump by X key.

Game Details

Mercurial Story

A black block guy wants to explore the world around him. That is why he is on the move to a very nice world; however, he is really excited at this journey, and badly he cannot control his emotions. Come to enjoy Mercurial Story and help the moody guy improve his passion in the better way during his adventure. Players have to guide him through different locations by jumping on platforms. Try to overcome high areas to move forwards. Along the way, the guy needs to watch out for terrible obstacles like spikes and big gaps. Never fall into them at any cost. Importantly, try to stay away from bad monsters. Don’t forget to collect pills to balance his happiness and anger by using the reversible gravity. Hope you complete all levels and get excited!

Date Added: 2015-01-29

Category: PBS Games

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