Mario World




Press A to jum.
Press S to run.
Use arrow keys to move around.
Use spacebar to start the game.

Game Details

Mario World

Mario World game is an adventure mini game. Players will role-play a hero named Mario, and their duty is to rescue a princess. The players have to control Mario to overcome obstacles such as animals, plants. In addition, they need to get some bonuses for Mario. If Mario eats mushroom, he will be bigger or equipped with weapon to attack enemies. The speed of game is quite fast, so be sure to control Mario carefully. If not, Mario can be eaten by animals and dropped down into the chasm. Ok! Help Mario complete his duty in each round to get more coins, and defeat boss Bowser in the final round now, guys. Rescuing the princess and being hero, are you interested in? Let’s play right now!!!

Date Added: 2013-09-16

Category: Adventure

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