The arrow keys are to move the boy.

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Right now, a little boy is getting stuck in a very dangerous world while he explores many kinds of beautiful flowers. He is not as smart as he thought when falling into trouble. Hurry up to play a really cool puzzle game – Mara and start saving the boy. In the game, players don’t need to find any door exit. Their main task is to help the young boy collect all colorful flowers in the world to complete each level. Remember, the world is so terrible, and many hazards often appear during your way. Try to be intelligent to solve situations and guide your boy to the final level, guys. At first, the players will move him to his target. He can run, jump, and do anything to pick up the flowers. Interestingly, the players can manipulate the environment by moving, creating, or destroying platforms to take him to the goal. Along the way, try to avoid touching bad aliens as well as getting crushed by obstructions. Enjoy, guys!

Date Added: 2015-02-23

Category: PBS Games

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