Juicy Bazooka





The left mouse is used to enjoy Juicy Bazooka.

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Juicy Bazooka

What do you think about physics games? This game type is very exciting and challenging, but it will improve your ingenuity. Then, take a chance to sink into Juicy Bazooka right away, all guys!

As seeing, the shooter in this game is armed with a strong bazooka, and a redundant source of watermelons, and players will help him take out all robbers stealing his food. In detail, launch your watermelons in order to knock out the robbers when entering each stage of the game. It's noticeable that the watermelons may bounce off walls or the ground. Therefore, take advance of this function to have spectacular shots at the enemies. In general, the players' clever skill in shooting is necessary to overcome all stages here.

The shooter is expecting your action and support. Don't think too much! Get access to Juicy Bazooka right away!

Date Added: 2015-05-18

Category: PBS Games

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