Jewels Hero Matching Game





Jewels Hero is played by using the left mouse.

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Jewels Hero Matching Game

For all people who are faithful fans of battle and match-3 games, Jewels Hero will be very challenging and interesting. This wonderful game describes a dramatic tournament between epic warriors, and the way all of them fight against each other is to show right matches of suggested items. That sounds spectacular. Take time to play Jewels Hero now! Choose one of the epic warriors and defeat all foes for obtaining the victory as it is the major target of players throughout the game. Each jewel which is used for swapping has a specific ability. Thus, try to strategically show suitable swaps at the proper time to drop down the health of the opponent. For instance, some kinds of jewel will bring back special attacks, magic attacks, poison, and others. Besides, if matches of four or more items are formed, the players will receive extra turns. Good luck!

Date Added: 2014-07-03

Category: Match 3 Games

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