Indian Dancer





Do the makeover by utilizing the mouse.

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Indian Dancer

An Indian Dancer is in need of your help, girls. Today she's asked to visit the Royal Palace for a fascinating performance. There are many things that must be prepared immediately.

Quickly run to the Indian belly dancer's house and help her dress up as well as make over. She has many items that can help you accomplish the task with ease. Now, keep your eyes on the right side. In the beginning, simply do an elegant makeup for the dancer. As you all know, Indian dance is extremely soft, emotional so you only need to apply a light makeup on the character. Then, it's time to discover her wardrobe – selecting the right things for her to wear. Don't forget to add a couple of pretty accessories to complete the whole look.

Will people in the Palace be captivated by the appearance of the Indian Dancer? Let's play and figure out!

Date Added: 2016-07-05

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