Imperial Guardians





Mouse: To navigate and interact.
1-6 keys: Unit shortcut.
FGH keys: Upgrade shortcut.

Game Details

Imperial Guardians

Welcome all of you to Imperial Guardians, game-addicts! In this game, you're a part of Evimeria land, and your job is to protect it from being invaded by evil forces. Come on!
Evimeria is the beautiful place ruled by King Labuzar, the keeper of the 9 mighty crystals. Since the land is filled with brightness, joy, and prosperity, a legion of evil demons and dragons want to take over it. Your crucial job is to defend the land – quickly send mighty troops to fight against the enemies. Never let them put their hands on the precious stones. Collect stars to upgrade units that you can take into battle as well as call on three different types of hero to assist you in completing your quests. Defend the land at all cost and don't bring the darkness to your home!
Imperial Guardians is such a fascinating medieval strategy defense game. Lots of things to explore there!

Date Added: 2016-05-08

Category: Physics Games

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