Idle Choco Tycoon





Enjoy this idle-click game with the mouse only.

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Idle Choco Tycoon

Have you thought of running your own business, guys? Jump into Idle Choco Tycoon to start managing your first dessert shop! What should the players do in this idle-click game? Hmm…you’re asked to deal with the production in Shop – from raw materials to the final products. Do you have knowledge in this area generally? Let’s try anyway! In the beginning, you need to buy the origin ingredients, such as cacao beans, sugar, milk, strawberries, oranges, tea leaves, coffees, black nuts, etc. Make use of all these materials to create yummy chocolate things, and then, simply sell them to regain money. Don’t mind hiring managers so that they can help you carry out the processes automatically. Keep purchasing upgrades and own properties to enhance your business. Once accumulating a large amount of money, quickly buy special items (a big jeep, a villa, a play-land, or even an island) to support your enterprise. Much fun!

Date Added: 2015-10-24

Category: Physics Games

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