I Need Water 2





Just use the mouse to swap, drag, or drop pipes.

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I Need Water 2

Hey, guys! Let's jump into I Need Water 2 now! What's going on here? Well, there's a cute creature, and he's extremely thirsty at this moment. Are you willing to help him? Go ahead!

No time for hesitating! If the critter can't drink water, he'll die immediately. Now, land on the playing field to assist him! This 2nd installment offers a full pack of challenging and exciting levels. The players' chief mission is – connecting all the pipes in the correct way to bring water to the character. Complete each stage in the shortest time to achieve 3 gold stars and the highest score. If you're too slow, the creature will soon faint because of waiting. To win this game, players must think of a strategic plan at the beginning of each round. Link all the pipes logically to deliver a large amount of fresh water to the monster.

Got it? Don't waste time anymore! Take part in I Need Water 2 and have a great time!

Date Added: 2015-09-25

Category: Physics Games

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